Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eat the Frog

I found a new hero this week. Her name is Dory, and she is freaking fantastic. Seriously, I wish you all could meet her. She's even from my home town - straight up Fort Erie! Yeah! Anyway...I'm getting a little carried away, but let me just share a little more about her, and then you'll understand, if only in part.

Dory is 85. Everyone in her community of friends was asking her why she was coming to Haiti, and asked her what she would even do here...because really, what is an 85 year old woman going to do to help someone in Haiti? Well, for starters, she has made more Haitian children smile than I think I have in all of my time here. They LOVE her! She plays tag with them, she sings "He's got the whole world in His hands" and inserts each of their names in the song, even if she can't pronounce their names (that's where I or the translators come in!), she sits on a chair and entertains them for hours, she holds children that can't even hold their heads up for a 3 hour long Haitian church service, and she does it all with joy inexpressible. I seriously want to be like her when I'm 85. Heck, I want to be like her now! We've had many people asking her what her "secret" is, and I don't know that she has one, but we did get this out of her...

"Eat the frog." What?! "Eat the frog. Just eat it. Whatever that is for you...going to visit someone that is sick, or writing in your journal. Whatever it is, eat it. Just suck it up, get it done first thing, and then the rest of your day will be good." Words from the wise, seriously. I'm a procrastinator...through and through. I can claim that God made me that way, but that shouldn't be an excuse. But, those are words of wisdom from Dory today, for me and maybe for all of you. Eat the frog. Whatever it is in your day, in your life, eat it. Just get it done, do it well and to the best of your ability, and then the rest of the day will be that much better. I'm going to try...

Well, I wish I had a picture of this lady to post here, even amongst the masses of children, but we'll have to try to get one soon. I know we have a dance party scheduled for tonight, and she plans to come and is even bringing her moves...I cannot wait! So, maybe I'll have some pictures to post by tomorrow...but until then, eat the frog, and love life to the fullest! We're here to live life, and to live it abundantly, to rejoice in the Lord always, and to glorify Him with all we are. I got a taste of what that could look like through Dory, and heck, I want it!


  1. Eat the frog = move the bricks! :)

  2. The old n the young, nothing smarter, cuter, nor knowledge as they..
    Xoxo HAITI is my HEART <3<3

  3. haha! Love the moving bricks Sara! So true!