Friday, January 28, 2011

One Year Later... entire year already's all a blur. A part of me can't believe it, and another part of me thinks that it's been 3 years.

Right now here we have a large Canadian team, the same team that I used to come with every January to be part of the medical team. It was really cool because I actually had the chance to share my story of how God has brought me to where I am, and since then I've been reflecting a lot about just how crazy it is that I am here, now. I think it's been a dream in my heart for like 8 years to be here, and it wasn't through my own means in any way that I ended up here. A couple of us girls here were talking in our house the other night, and one of the girls pointed out how God knew the desire of each of our hearts to be here in this country, and how He was faithful and brought us here. I've been mulling over this for the past couple days now, and its so true, that it is completely by His goodness and faithfulness that I am where I am today. It doesn't look a thing like how I thought it would, or even how I thought it should look, but it's beautiful...and more perfect than I could have imagined it. I guess its just refreshing to remember and think on His faithfulness, and just the intimacy He has with us in that He knows our hearts, and is so tender towards us in that He sees each of our individual hearts, and loves us and just piles up good things on us...its beyond me. But it draws my heart closer to Him, and I think that's why He does it. In the end of it all, its about my heart loving Him and leaning on Him...and this is just part of that journey. Beautiful. How does He do it?

So, now for an update on the past month! I got back to Haiti from Christmas vacation on January 3rd, and hit the ground running! We've had teams non-stop, some glitches along the way (when does that ever not happen?), and just changes everywhere and anywhere. I think that's been the hardest part for me, just all of the changes...people, buildings, plans...everything really. It was a lot to think about and imagine before coming back, but as we walk day by day, it's really not so bad. I am loving the girls I'm living with, and to see the growth that is happening here at the mission never ceases to amaze me. I thought it was all over after last March-June season...but no...there's more to come! It's just crazy good.

January 12th was the one-year anniversary of the earthquake, and I really didn't know what to expect. I know that some expected a day of mourning and repentance, but the entire day took us by surprise. They had a church service here at the mission from 6 am - 12 pm (which is quite normal here), but the entire place was alive! The people were worshiping and praising the whole time, and just giving thanks for the past year. These people never cease to amaze me...resilient is the word that I've heard used over and over again here, and its so true.

With the dry season back and the one year anniversary passing, I've been having flash backs from stuff over the last year...walking down the hill remembering walking down for a shift at the "hospital" at the high school building, remembering patients faces, stories and missing them, remembering when we lived in the Village of Hope, and all the teams that have come and gone. Its definitely blurry! But again, I'm so thankful to have been able to live and serve here in the last year, and look forward to what the coming year holds.

The most exciting thing that I have seen this past week has to be Angelie walking! Praise the Lamb! Seriously, this girl gives me so much joy...I can't really express it. She is the same girl that came to us last May in the clinic, that had been abandoned. She has had a number of physical difficulties to work through...but she's well on her way! Here's a quick clip for you all!

So I guess that's my summary for the last month. Thanks for reading again, and for being interested in my life here...I love to hear from you all and couldn't be doing this without you! Also, as you think of it, please continue to pray for grace and wisdom as I live and work here, and also just for time management so I get the sweet Jesus time that I need each day. Thanks again!

Lindsay Joy

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