Friday, September 3, 2010

Stealing Babies at Night in Haiti is Wonderful

Well, I've been putting off writing on my blog for forever now, mostly because I had no idea how to start, or what to say because so much has happened. But after a day like today, I can't not blog about I'm jumping back in. Hopefully I'll be a little more consistent...but for those of you who know me well and are laughing at that, I don't blame you!

So, here is the story of today. It started out as a wonderful day off...mostly. I was cleaning my apartment which was an absolute disaster, my church team that came last week can attest to that. So anyway, the morning was good, I went down to the clinic to take lunch and while I was there Sarah (our medical team leader) mentioned that she was going on a transfer to take a patient to another hospital. I don't know what made me do it, but I turned a walkie-talkie radio on up at my house, just in case something happened while she was gone that they needed help with. Well, around 2ish (I think) one of the boys that hangs out up at the guesthouse all the time mentioned something about a baby down at the clinic that had been abandoned. Right away I remembered the day Angelie came to the clinic back in May when I had to deal with all of the drama around that one. Only that day I had Vanessa by my side saying yes or no to all the right it was just me until Sarah came back. By then a local judge, some police and I have no idea who the other 3 guys were, came to the clinic to interview Dr. Alix about what had happened.

So here's where I tell you his story too! This little boy, Pierre, is about 2 yrs. old, and probably has muscular dystrophy. In North America this kid would probably not live a full life, and would be in a wheelchair with a lot of special care needed. Here in Haiti, social services like those back at home just don't exist. So, I think what happened was that the mom of this child found out that he probably had this disease, and could very well have felt completely overwhelmed at the idea of caring for this child. So, after Pierre had been seen, she tucked him under a bench in the triage room and left him there. I'm not sure how long it took someone to notice, and I don't know how long he laid there for...but someone found him, and then the chaos started.

So, here is little 2 yr old Pierre, malnourished, dehydrated, and alone. We took turns holding him, as good nurses do, and then just waited for the judgment to be passed. The final judgment was to send Pierre to another hospital to be cared for until they could find an orphanage. Well, surprise, surprise, 3 hospitals refused him this afternoon. We sent two North American nurses with him in the back of the Haiti .5 (a land cruiser turned ambulance) on a wild goose chase basically, only they didn't understand the language...not so good! So, this little 2 yr. old ended up at the mayor's house in Cabaret where is was apparently going to stay until they could find a place for him. Well, we didn't think that was too good. This kid is malnourished, dehydrated and had a congested cough...what is the mayor going to do with that? least me and Sarah are nurses and we kind of have a clue (sorry, maybe I didn't have to be that harsh). So, anyway, Sarah called the right people, we hopped in the back of the Haiti .5 again, headed off to Cabaret in the dark and returned with our little 2 yr. old Pierre all before 10pm. So now he sleeps at Sarah and Diana's apartment, and we really have no idea what the next steps are. We're going to look into a couple of places we know of for kids that have handicaps, and we'll see what happens...and where Jesus leads. It's kind of exciting, but at the same time sobering, knowing that this kid literally has no-where and no-one right now. We're it, and I just want to do well with this and make sure he has a good home. Sure, that might mean we keep him...who knows!!!

So, that's the story of my day. A little drawn out I know, but I had to tell it in full! There's other stuff going on as well. I continue to work with the non-medical teams weekly as they come in to work at our base and to visit the local villages and orphanages as well. I'm loving my job, but definitely learning the need to take time for myself when possible. My church youth group and then some were here this past week, and it was a huge breath of fresh air for me!! I love you guys so much! I had so much fun, surfing in the canter truck, singing camp songs, being ridiculous. I miss it! I really don't act like I'm 25! Anyway, I'll also be heading home this coming week for a break. I'll be at church on the 12th, and home until the if you want to meet up with me, please call me! I think I'll have my cell phone when I get back in Canada, and there's always Facebook! But I can't wait to be home! I'm longing to hold my new nephew (well, not so new, but new to me!), to play with Joely, to sleep, to drink milk...and a lot of it, to be cold, to swim, to ski, to see all my friends, to chill with family, did I mention to sleep?! Ya, it's gonna be good! Love you all! And thanks if you're actually still reading this since it's huge!

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